Naagin – The First Truly Indian Hot Sauce

Naagin – The First Truly Indian Hot Sauce

What comes to your mind first when you hear the word Naagin? A 80’s Movie or Indian Sitcom having female actors playing Snake and taking revenge. But, Founders Mikhel Rajani, Arjun Rastogi and Kshitij Neelakantan used this strong word to create India’s First Truly Indian Hot Sauce “NAAGIN

India is a country known for its spices and flavors, yet there is a big space left unexplored. Naagin team wants to bring out the best of chilies from every corner of India and give you some of the amazing made in India sauces especially made for Indian taste buds.

Naagin a Truly Indian Homegrown Brand comes with interesting graphical packings on the bottle displaying Indian culture which makes it look amazingly cool and trendy. The Brand uses real ingredients which are sourced ethically, 100% vegan and no artificial flavors. You should 100% add these sauces to your cooking needs and experiment with different cuisines to bring out the extra kick you are looking for in your daily food.

Currently the brand offers 3 flavors to soothe the taste buds which goes well with Indian and International cuisines and its versatility allows it to be used as a dip, condiment, cooking sauce and even marinade!

Naagin Bhoot Indian Hot Sauce gets its flavors from Assam’s Bhoot Jolokia, one of the spiciest chillis in the world! It will sure awaken your taste buds with its extra spiciness. “Jalega Par Chalega”

Naagin Original Indian Hot Sauce contains Sankeshwari chilli from Maharashtra which gives Kolhapuri food its unique spice and red colour. It is great to use in rolls, as a dip, or adding it to curries but the possibilities are endless!

Naagin Kantha Bomb the latest introduction in the list features kanthari Chillies from Kerela, medium spicy and just the right amount of greens to complete your palette! Kanta bomb creates symphony of flavors that is perfect for those who are not into an extremely spicy sensation, yet enjoy that little bit of heat at the same time

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