EyewearLabs: Revolutionizing Eyewear with Quality and Affordability

EyewearLabs: Revolutionizing Eyewear with Quality and Affordability

In a world where fashion and vision are intertwined, EyewearLabs, a homegrown brand founded by the visionary Mehul Jhakaria, has set out to disrupt the eyewear industry with a rebellious spirit and a noble objective. The brand’s mission is clear: to provide designer eyewear at revolutionary prices while putting the customer’s needs at the forefront. Born out of the “Make in India” movement, EyewearLabs has made it its purpose to create an alternative to the conventional eyewear market by eliminating traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and directly engaging with customers. This approach enables them to deliver higher-quality, stylish prescription eyewear at a fraction of the prevailing market price.

Mehul Jhakaria, the driving force behind EyewearLabs, envisions a world where everyone has the right to see clearly and confidently without breaking the bank. Buying glasses should be easy and enjoyable, leaving customers both satisfied and stylish, with money still in their pockets. With a passionate team of designers, an in-house optical lab, and a dedicated group of professionals, EyewearLabs takes full responsibility for every pair of lenses and frames they offer, ensuring that quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.

One of the core principles at EyewearLabs is the commitment to putting the customer first. This philosophy informs every aspect of the brand’s operations, from product design and quality assurance to the overall shopping experience. Customers can expect not only great eyewear but also exceptional service that reflects the brand’s dedication to their needs and preferences.

The journey of EyewearLabs began with a desire to bridge the gap between the exorbitant prices of designer eyewear and the quality people deserve. By streamlining the production process and dealing directly with customers, the brand has successfully redefined the eyewear landscape. The result is an impressive collection of prescription glasses, sunglasses, digital protection eyewear, and night driving glasses that cater to various visual needs, all without the hefty price tags typically associated with designer eyewear.

Not content with merely offering a wide range of eyewear products, EyewearLabs is set on expanding its offerings even further. According to Mehul Jhakaria, the brand’s founder, “Bringing in quality eyewear products, ranging from lenses to sunglasses to digital protection or night driving glasses, will be the main focus of our team here at EyewearLabs.” This forward-thinking approach demonstrates the brand’s commitment to keeping up with evolving eyewear trends and technologies to best serve its customers.

One of the most exciting developments for EyewearLabs is their collaboration with Roadies fame and renowned personality, Rannvijay Singha, as the brand ambassador. Rannvijay Singha brings his unique charisma and style to the brand, helping define its collections and make them more relatable to a diverse audience.

In summary, EyewearLabs, founded by Mehul Jhakaria, is on a mission to make designer eyewear accessible and affordable to everyone. By cutting out middlemen, maintaining in-house control over design and production, and keeping the customer’s needs as their top priority, the brand has successfully revolutionized the eyewear industry. With a wide range of high-quality eyewear products and exciting plans for the future, EyewearLabs is set to continue making its mark as a trailblazer in the eyewear market.

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