Easy ride around your world with Booz Mobility

Easy ride around your world with Booz Mobility

We often keep thinking about making our life easy on all possible fronts with smart tech gadgets. We are currently surrounded by smartphone, smart TV, smart watch, smart home appliances, smart apps and many more such things to make our task easier. Their is a lot lot of research and developments happening to improve a smarter and faster way of commuting which will eventually save time and pain.

Booz Mobility (founded by Rutvij Dasadia), a Ahmedabad based homegrown brand is a micro mobility startup (mobile application based electric kick scooter rental service) which provides smart, efficient and personal transportation services with the help of exciting mobility technologies for gated communities and leisure spots. Booz Mobility is Asia’s first and only custom made electric kick scooter operator. it is also World’s first in-premises electric vehicle hybird subscription fleet service.

Booz mobility a make in India concept brand, has delpoyed around 20 booz scoooters across Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar City at various places like commercial and business premises, parks, residential areas, educational campuses, tourist spot etc. Booz Mobility offers helmets, insurance, easy locating charging and docking stations. The app assist consumers to find and book the scoooter with easy payment options.

Booz Mobility is a first-of-kind business model in India which provides unique offerings to customers thus contributing in making the premise green and omission free. They were able to get investments from a popular startup supporting show ” Shark Tank India” from Ashneer Grover(founder of BharatPe) and Vineeta Singh(CEO- Sugar Cosmetics).

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