A Complete Skin Care By Botany Bar

Botany Bar, one of the homegrown brands of India is slowly penetrating in the field of beauty and skin care. Due to Covid, people are massively moving towards the usage of natural products in their day to day life. Botany Bar a local brand, is taking each and every step to transform the skin care sector by providing its customers with the best natural remedy products for their skin problems.

Botany Bar was founded by Eklavya Rishi, a bio-chemist with a vision to revolutionize the skin care market by using 100 percent pure and natural materials. Botany Bar was launched on 24th January 2019.

At bharatgoods we encourage homegrown brands to reach out to the world. This make in India brand works closely with natural ingredients and new technology focusing on fundamental skin treatment by improving its quality. The goodness of nature with its benefit is properly preserved by paying attention to the therapeutic aspect in turn making your skin feel amazing.

Two major products of Botany Bar to revamp your skin completely:-

Skin Oil:- The Skin Oil is a healing Oil created by using natural, rich and pure essential Oils like Calendula Oil, Chamomile Oil, Soyabean Oil, Rosemary Oil, Rosehip Oil and Lavender Oil along with antioxidants and vitamins. These components of plant extracts and vitamins make it non-greasy and light to permeate the skin. It works great for skin brightening, fine lines and wrinkles, skin moisturizing, skin protection from pollutants and uneven skin tone.

Papaya Skin Gel:- Papaya with its different quality like it nourishes and hydrates the skin, it  has superb anti aging properties has proved itself as a boon for skin care industry. Papaya Skin Gel is made by fermented papaya mixed with petroleum jelly along with vitamin A, E and C to provide a soft and smoother skin by moisturizing and tightening the wobbly skin. It is mostly recommended for capped and cracked skin, it facilitates cell regeneration by removing the dead skin. It also removes or fades away minor injury scars or marks.

Your skin care search ends here, avail the benefits it provides for your skin and keep glowing the whole year round.

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